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Founded in 1902 in Clisson, France, BLF was first dedicated to the manufacture of church candles. Following the First World War it turned its production towards candles for domestic use and in the 50's, introduced colours, evolving candles from purely utilitarian to more decorative uses. The Lines retain the best of the old through to the trend forward. Candles, Accessories and Scents are combined to create a variety of ambiences. Products trace BLF's historical roots from Church and utility candles and accessories that we would refer to today as a retro look:
.... through to the latest trends, design and perfumes.

The thought behind the formulation of each product demonstrates creative rigour and a keen sense of decorative style.
Whether for a classic setting, a celebration meal or a nostalgic interior, today’s colours, translucent sculptures and delicate perfumes transform every passing emotion into light.

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manufacturing for over 275 years in the heartland of Sheffield, England, Burgon & Ball is passionate about quality. World renown for their cutting tools using high-carbon steel, heat treated to the optimum hardness, coupled with metalworking skills that have been passed down through generations - Burgon & Ball is also at the leading edge of garden tool and accessory innovation & design.

With the world around us full of colour – why should practical garden tools be any different? Burgon & Ball introduces their three Colour Collections (Pink, Green and Blue) of garden tools and accessories – all made to the same exacting standards as the time tested less jaunty versions. Within each Collection there is a Hand Trowel, Hand Fork, Hand Tool Set, Twine in a Tin, Topiary & Trimming Shear, Pocket Pruner, Waterfall Watering Can & Wooden Labels. Appealing to the colour conscience of the serious gardener.

- and - given 275 years of understanding gardeners tool needs coupled with an extensive knowledge of plant extracts, Burgon & Ball has produced an exceptional and highly effective skin care line to restore both the body & soul. The Line includes a Hand & Nail Cleaning System, Nature's Miracle Skin Salve, Before & After Chores Hand Cream, Deep Cleansing Handwash, Bath & Shower Soak, Warming & Relaxing Body Cream and Candles in Orange Blossom and Tomato Leaf Scents.

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From Kenneth Turner, world renowed for his floral artwork and credited with starting the flower revolution, comes this extensive collection of exquisite home accessories.

The Kenneth Turner Collection is at home in either rustic, contemporary or formal settings.

From the signature scented candles, room sprays and pot pourri to classical pewter object d'art, Kenneth Turner uses only the finest materials and craftsmanship to bring you a truly inspirational range of home and personal products.

Kenneth Turner has also created a range of Bath & Body products: - "Nature/Nurture" - containing plant extracts specifically chosen for their nurturing properties with a fragrance that appeals to both men & women.

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A collection of exclusive designs:

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ORIGINAL ~ CONTEMPORARY ~ FRESH - A diverse collection of cards offering a vibrant & alternative take on life with a "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" glamour.

The cards are printed luxuriously from Pauline's carefully hand-drawn originals to ensure perfect reproductions - just right for all those special moments in life. To view the entire range, please visit
PAULINE'S website.

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FREDERICA'S website.

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and more.........

We are constantly in search of and acquiring interesting quality items that can be added to our collection of products that heighten the art of living.


a line of classic designs inspired by English traditions. The Georgian & Victorian themed Greeting Cards and Wrapping Paper/Posters are based on items from private collections in England.

This line has a wide range of subjects with something for everyone. It appeals to Museums, Antique shops / dealers, Tea & Coffee Speciality stores, as well as Gift, Card & Garden shops.

To view the entire range, please visit

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